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Apps Development

Mobile & Software Development and Engineering

Muhammad Nauman Safdar

Meet Muhammad Nauman Safdar, a visionary leader at Top Edge Technologies, with expertise in ASP.NET Core, MVC, Razor, Ajax, Restful API, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server, SSRS, Flutter iOS, SQLite, SQFlite, Firebase analytics & crashlytics plugins, React Native, and more.

Nauman drives our technological advancements and his proficiency spans across Desktop software, Web app, and Mobile app cross-platform development, creating immersive experiences for our clients. As a collaborative leader, he aligns IT strategies with business goals and prioritizes development initiatives for success. Nauman’s commitment to excellence strengthens our systems and elevates operational standards.

With Nauman’s leadership, we continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions, providing our clients with the technological edge they need to succeed.

Apps Development & Project Management

JahanZaib Khan

Meet Jahan Zaib Khan, an extraordinary Technical Lead, Program Manager, and Trainer at Apps Studio, known for his exceptional grasp of cutting-edge technologies in the realm of Android development.

His mastery includes Android Development, Firebase, Room DB, Android SDK, Dependency Injection (Hilt), GIT, Jetpack Navigation, and Jetpack Compose. Under Jahan Zaib Khan’s guidance, Apps Studio has flourished into an innovation hub, producing captivating and functional applications that set industry benchmarks.

His collaborative leadership aligns IT policies with business strategies, resulting in successful app-based services resonating deeply with clients. Jahan Zaib Khan’s dedication to excellence elevates operational standards, fosters external partnerships, and propels the team towards a future defined by innovation and lasting success.


Games Development

Games Project Management

Aoun Abbas

Meet Aoun Abbas, a driving force behind game development innovation at Top Edge Technologies. A recipient of the Game Changer & Motivator Award, Aoun embodies leadership and vision. Committed to nurturing talent, he aspires to create exceptional teams that turn ideas into realities. Aoun’s alignment with our empowerment mission is evident, making him a valued presence at Google Apps Academy. His ambition? Crafting projects that shine and earn Editor’s Choice distinction.

Fresh from Google Think Apps 2023, Aoun returns with new strategies and a stronger Top Edge Technologies-Google partnership, promising an exciting future. As Project Manager, Aoun excels – from domain orchestration to achieving user acquisition milestones. Proficient in Unity Engine and marketing, he ensures each project resonates.

In the world of innovation, Aoun Abbas guides Top Edge Technologies to new heights. Watch for his insights and achievements propelling us forward in the gaming industry.


Software & ECommerce

Software Development & Management and ecommerce Expert

Athar Naveed

Athar Naveed is a highly skilled software developer and e-commerce expert with expertise in OOP, ASP.Net, C#, SQL, Amazon, Daraz, and other related technologies. He has extensive experience in developing and deploying e-commerce platforms and solutions that are efficient, scalable, and user-friendly. Athar is a detail-oriented problem solver who excels in analyzing complex issues and providing creative solutions. He is committed to producing high-quality code and delivering successful projects that meet the needs of his clients. Athar’s expertise and experience in e-commerce make him a valuable asset to any project.


HR Expert

Human Resource Manager

Zarlish Farooq Sheikh

Meet Ms. Zarlish Sheikh, our HR Manager, is the driving force behind our dynamic work culture and transformative HR practices. With a dedicated focus on positivity and unlocking each team member’s potential, Zarlish embodies Top Edge Technologies’ values. Her journey blends academic achievements in business administration and HR management with extensive experience in corporate and Tech Industries.

In her remarkable year with us, Zarlish’s impact has been extraordinary. Her competence, motivation, and unwavering commitment set new excellence standards. From navigating complex situations to nurturing relationships, resolving conflicts, and championing diversity, Zarlish is a beacon of positive change.

Beyond her role, she serves as a trusted confidant and advisor, creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Her efforts in implementing effective policies and visionary initiatives have fostered a harmonious work environment, driving our shared success.


Marketing Expert

Marketing Coordinator

Muhammad Asif

Meet Muhammad Asif, our Marketing Coordinator, a multifaceted professional who plays a pivotal role in steering our marketing efforts. From crafting and managing advertising campaigns to meticulously planning and overseeing projects, Muhammad ensures that our marketing endeavors are not just successful but also strategically aligned.

Muhammad excels in problem-solving and ensures a smooth work environment. He safeguards our digital assets with precision and stays attuned to trends, delivering insightful reports for decision-making. His comprehensive product reports offer valuable perspectives to higher management.

In the realm of finance, Muhammad shines as a meticulous tracker. Monthly investment and return reports, prepared under his watchful eye, are submitted to the Accounts Department. His dedication to excellence and comprehensive approach make Muhammad Asif an indispensable asset to our marketing team, propelling us toward sustained success. make it short